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RF Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd

about us
Thank you for visiting our website. RF Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd is an island wide provider of the car care chemicals with highest quality, car wash products, glass cleaners, wax, grease and most importantly knowledge. We as STR has established an island wide name in the car acre productions and detailing. STR Company’s combined experience has gained as a better understanding of the industries desires and helped tremendously in gaining a solid insight into our customers’ needs. Now we have a wide network in distribution our products throughout te country. We provide our products to service stations, filling stations, hardware shops, pain shops, auto spare parts shops and Arpico super markets.


RF Marketing Services (PVT) Ltd has a goal of providing the clients with the highest quality car care products at a reasonable price. For many years, we have dedicated to provide our customers uniquely effective car care products and accessories. Our team at STR is committed to serve the customers and communities alike through the highest service standards.

STR is proud to be the leading choice in the island for a great number of customers. Our STR family gradually grows larger in size, knowledge and experience. We understand that no detailing brush-polishing pad or wax applicator is the same; we know what works and what does not. We can assure you that when purchasing STR chemicals and detailing accessories, since we provide you the best, you need not doubt the quality of our products which have been put through the most meticulous tests and have exceeded in both quality and performance.

We choose only the Best for your vehicle! Moreover we guarantee that no matter what car care product you prefer, our polishes, wax, coolants, glass cleaners will meet and exceed your expectations.



Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best products to the vehicles of our customers to improve performance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best car care products to our customers by ensuring their quality for a reasonable price.

Quality policy

What helps RF Marketing Services stand out from the rest and to be assured as the top is the quality that is ensured in our products. We provide our customers only the car care products with the high quality and performance to ensure the long lasting efficiency and life to their vehicles.

Our values

Accountability- as RF Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd, we acknowledge, assure, and assume the responsibility for our products and services. Our employees as well as company itself keep accountability for our actions.


It is the trust our customers have kept on us and we hope to maintain in the future which makes us the leaders of the industry.


We are passionate of what we and our commitment is fashioned through that passion. We are committed to provide the best to our customers.


Everyone in the society has a collective resistibility towards the betterment of the community and we at STR are committed to perform it our best.

Employee Empowerment

Employees are considered to be the asset of our company and we strive to enhance the employee empowerment in order to fortify our company.

Why to choose us

Message from the managing director

MDIt gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website. I hope that the information about the products demonstrated here will meet your expectations. Moreover, all the suggestions that would help the improvement of our services are welcome.

When it comes to the best quality car care products, RF Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd hovers in sight. We are widely acknowledged as an eminent importer, manufacturer and supplier of car care products. You will find a complete online collection of the finest car care products and in depth product descriptions in this website which will guide you through our products.

Our philosophy is simple; providing our customers with both the highest quality products available and the knowledge to use them properly. The lines that we represent are the finest available and we test every new product extensively before we offer it to our customers. Our products are not mass-produced and each is carefully formulated with special blends of high quality polymers, acrylics and waxes. We constantly re-evaluate and test our products to ensure that we are offering the most technologically advanced ad safe products available.

We at RF Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd always prefer quality over quantity.

Thank you again for choosing RF Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd car care products.

Our services

We offer quality car care products and services for car enthusiasts who are looking for fresh energy and performance in life. We use the latest technologies in pour production for packing, designing, label designing. We use most quality raw materials for our products in order to supply maximum benefits to our customers.

STR radiator coolant, STR wash and wax, STR power steering fluid are some of the products that have most demand in the market.

We present new products to the market and we export our products to UAE and Maldives. We export to state our branch in Singapore recent future.