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It is the trust our customers have kept on us and we hope to maintain in the future which makes us the leaders of the industry.


We are passionate of what we and our commitment is fashioned through that passion. We are committed to provide the best to our customers.


Everyone in the society has a collective resistibility towards the betterment of the community and we at STR are committed to perform it our best.


Employees are considered to be the asset of our company and we strive to enhance the employee empowerment in order to fortify our company.


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Welcome to the web site of STR, the ultimate destination of the car care products and services which serves the best in order to take care of your car. A car is the dream of all and you achieve it through hard work. Unless you provide it the attention it requires with utmost care using quality products and the latest technology, your dream might decay. If you choose us as your car care agent, we are ready to render you the quality attention and the products it needs.


Our Company
R.F Marketing Services was inaugurated in 1983 as a small scale business and we established our product name as STR in 1992. In the present day, we have been able to gain the position of being one of the leading companies who provides auto care services and products in the island simply because we adhere to the quality that is sought out by our exclusive local and international customers. Years of experience in the field and the island wide distribution of our products have made the name STR popular in the entire country.